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I am so happy that you stopped by! My name is Amanda Urzica, and I am the author of mycherishedhaven. My purpose here is to help other moms be able to stay home with their children while still supplementing their income.

I know that most moms I talk too would love to be home with their precious little ones, but it just seems like an impossibility. I am here to help you start your journey by providing you with the information you need to get started as a mompreneur, as well as, the encouragement you need along the way.

I have been a passionate mompreneur for almost two years now, and I learn and grow more all the time. I completely love the freedom of being able to be home with my son all day to play, teach, and watch him grow. I also love the freedom to have the time to make healthy meals for my family and make my home a peaceful haven. It is a rare privilege, and I want to help you be able to have that freedom as well.

In order to experience this freedom and start your journey to becoming a Momprenuer, you need to learn a little about business. Here are some posts to check out on that topic…

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You will also need to learn a little about frugality to help you save money in the beginning and to be able to invest in your business. These posts will help you get started with that…

Cloth Diapering for Any Budget

Homemade Cleaners with Printable Labels

How to Plan a Menu

Making Real Food Practical

As a Mompreneur, you will have lots to balance, just like you did before. :) This time though, you will actually get to manage your own time and find a perfect routine that works for you. These tips will help you establish your perfect routine and get your home in perfect running order.

 Secrets of a Clean Home Revealed

Yes, I Planned This

One last thing that will help your mompreneur journey be a complete success lies with your children. These are some tips that I have learned along the way working from home among my children. 

One Easy Way to Eliminate Toddler Tantrums

How to Sleep Train with No More Than Ten Minutes of Crying

There will be on this topic coming soon! :)

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